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Brand Identity Guidelines


To accompany logo design we also offer two levels of Visual Identity Guidelines (ViD). The large version is a complete rule book for your logo and brand identity. Perfect for organizations where other organizations or people use their logo in sponsorship ads or otherwise. Providing a ViD will offer consistency to your brand, as it serves as a rule book for your logo. Clear instructions for space around the logo, colours, fonts, formats of the logo and how to use them correctly. The Guidelines are provided in PDF format in the Logo Package Zip file which is sent using WeTransfer, an online large file transfer service.


The most popular of our logo packages is the Mini Vid. Designed specifically for small to medium size organizations. This package also offers online pickup in a Zip format including a one page PDF with clear instruction on the versions of  logos in the package, their uses and where to find them.


All Logo Packages include three folders.

Professional Print folder holds logos for print projects, signage, any print advertising the logos you provide to designers.

In Office folder contains formats you will use in your office for electronic letterhead, printing on inkjet or laser, logo uses in Word, Excel and other office softwares.

Web & Screen folder contains logos for power point presentations, web design, social media or any on-screen use.

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