Top Quality Embroidery Services Now Available

embroidery-tecasy1-sm embroidery-tecasy2-sm embroidery-tecasy3-sm

I recently developed a partnership with a trade Embroidery shop north of the GTA. I chose them because of their equipment and abilities. Between us we can make any logo look great at a reasonable price when embroidered on hats, shirts, sweaters or whatever your needs.

It seemed so many of my clients I had designed logos for were being told their logo was not suitable for embroidery. Or others who went ahead with embroidery projects only to discover the quality was horrible after it was too late.

This photo shows the clarity of the image and tight pattern of the stitches – THIS IS what quality embroidery looks like.


Some logo designs need to modified to work for embroidery vs. print or web but when done properly the average person will not see that modification, it will just look good.

So I can now offer amazing embroidery as well.


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It is Trade Show Time… be in the know

3 Tips for Marketing at Trade Shows
Trade shows are all about revealing what you have and can do for potential clients. Like everything else in business you need to optomize this time and money to be sure not to miss out on valuable customer interactions and potential sales.
TIP #1 : Remain true to Your Brand
Always remain true to your brand and message, consistency is key. Work with a Designer who is able to design for all media or is very willing to work with others and share files. Crystal Image Studio designs in everything from logo design, business cards, signage to websites trust us to make your brand consistent. Keeping your brand consistent and true is far more important than our pride in who does what throughout your campaign. Your take-away items, whether rack cards, brochures or business cards should all reflect your display, your website and anything else you do.
That said, trade shows are great places to launch new branding ideas and message efforts. If you are rebranding, this is the time to make a big deal about your rebranding by updating your display with the new image and message. Consider hosting a give-a-way or other contest to draw more potential clients.

cis rollup_banners_sm
Tip #2: Know Your Customers
Know your client and target the right group of clients by designing your materials to appeal to that group’s interests, needs and ideals. A trade show is the perfect time to reach out to new markets by spinning your brand in just the right way to appeal to a new group without losing your past and loyal customer base. Ensure that people know what your service or product is when they approach – make this clear with your display and marketing materials.
Ensure your display is designed to encourage customers to come in and take at look. Your business’s representative should both engage and connect with them once potential clients approach. A properly designed display with well trained, and enthusiastic representatives can draw in far more potential clients than a poorly executed display and uninformed personnel.
Tip #3: Encourage Innovative Engagement
Ideally, your trade show display will organically draw in customers, pull them through your display area, and end with them buying or signing up for more information regarding your product or service. Afterall, this is the main reason any business attends trade shows.
However, if your display is lacking, or your representatives are poorly prepared, potential interest in your company or product may be disappointing and can even be damaging to your company. By encouraging innovative engagement among your business, the representatives at the show, and the potential clients, lead generation will be much more effective. Much like your display, your employees must also give potential clients a reason to want to come over and learn more.
Followup after the show or for that matter with present clients before, after and during the show is critical. You need to interact with customers through your social media. Placing your social media information within your display encourages online communication and makes it easier for customers to share their experiences with your products or business to the world. One way to encourage social sharing is to run a contest or give-a-way at the trade show via your social media accounts.
Contests, give-a-ways, and events, apart from social media, will also likely draw a crowd and encourage engagement. The important thing to keep in mind is that your display and message needs to be memorable for your customers in order to be effective for lead generation.
In the end, your product or service should be able to standalone, but a little mindful marketing goes a long way towards profit, customers and customer loyalty. Your business’s trade show display and other material can either help or hinder your efforts.
Crystal Image Studio offers all the materials required to make your show a success…. let’s talk!

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Premium Business Card Special

cis_busCard2Premium Quality Business Cards

Premium 16PT Business Cards printed full colour 1 side Silk Matte coated, 500 #businesscards For only $37. + Design & HST. Price includes delivery to most doors in Ontario.  Valid until June 31, 2016

Need the perfect design for your card, let us know. Card design #graphicdesign for business card $10. & up.

Call or email today for some old-fashion service that provides up-to-date design #logodesign


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Domain Renewals

At Crystal Image Studio we are firm believers each and every business should own their own domain name and their own hosting account even though it is a service we do offer. We do offer these services because there are some clients who just do not want to be online to take care of it or do not have the time or care to be involved. Some are afraid they will mess it up and this can happen to be honest. But knowledge is power and hence we offer one more tip to help.

Recently I purchased a domain for a family website. In fact it is about a month old. This morning I receive a renewal notification by email.


I have pasted it here to learn from.It looks official but trust me, this is spam from Scammers trying to simply steal money for nothing.

This domain does not expire in January I just purchased it a month ago. It looks official but it certainly is not. In addition it only costs $9.99 USD to rent a domain name for 1 year not $64.00 as they are requesting.

I welcome anyone who has used Crystal Image Studio for website design please call anytime you have any questions about your domain registration or hosting renewals.  I have ensured many of you have control over your own accounts, that is those who cared to do it but my service do not stop there. If you receive notification from anyone other than Superb Hosting who I highly recommend, I would suggest do not click on it, do not respond to it – simply ignore it.

A way to stop this is by using Identity Protect on Domain purchases – not giving the details of purchaser online will slow the scammer attempts. The less expensive way to do this is to be informed and ignore spam and scammers.

All of these receive and are and that is fine, at that point we are pleased to help.

I see they have been scamming for a while

Remember Knowledge is power!

Linda Middleton


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Are Business Cards a thing of the Past?

a cis_busCards

Old technology is fading faster everyday and being replaced by new. That’s not the case with business cards, they are immune to this fading trend. Well designed business cards are still effective and a vital part of business communication. They are reliable, cost effective and provide a quick way of promoting your business with a good impression. A business card should look professional, unique, maintain your company branding and be appealing all at the same time.


Clean simple design with quality printing is the answer. The colours, images and text should be prominent and clearly visible. A heavy-weight quality card stock gives the impression you mean business and are devoted to providing what you say you will. Some finishes offer a warm and friendly feel while others offer slick and fast pace, it depends on your business, clients, branding and more which one will work best for you.


Business cards are still a huge portion for the marketing scheme and brand identity. So if one is interested in flourishing their business and making others aware of it in a traditional yet reliable way, don’t give up on business cards, as they are here to stay.

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Cost Effective Website Design

Crystal Image Studio believes the client should be in control of their own online presence. That does not mean you need to be an high tech, online wizard but it does mean quite simply you should own your own domain, your hosting should be in your own name and you should be able to make text and photo changes online when you need to do so.

We take care of any of the technical needs to make this all happen. The newest website designs from Crystal Image Studio offer the client complete control with easy online editing. The changes you make online synchronize with our files so when you require large edits the changes you made do not need to be repeated in our files… it just doesn’t get any easier than that!!!

All Websites Should . . . Reflect & Compliment Company Branding.
Work Flawlessly on Desktops, Tablets & Mobile Phones.
Be Findable through Search Engines
Allow Anyone the Ability to Edit Content in Seconds

Please check out website samples in our Website Portfolio. Call today for a demo on how the online editing works and how easy it is for you to keep your website up-to-date daily if you like. Contact Linda at 705.448.9397 to book a demo.

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Proud to Donate Design for Girls’ Hockey Jerseys and more

Smiths Falls Girls' Hockey

Smiths Falls Girls’ Hockey

For many years now one of my nieces has played hockey with the Smiths Falls Cubs.  I have always done everything I could to support them, after-all Smiths Falls in also my hometown. First I re-created their little bear logo from scratch in a vector format, cleaned it up and smooth out the rough edges – all they had previously was a tiny, unuseable low resolution website format. Once the Cub was redone I designed medals, water bottles, pucks, yoga suits, warm-up suits and an amazing hoodie sweat shirt. I provided designs for items each year for the Cubtown Tournament. Many years ago I received a lovely thank you card from the association and later a hoodie with the logo on it which I am sure my sister actually bought to thank me for the design work.

Most recently I had the honour of designing the Visitor and Home Logo for their new Hockey Jerseys. Absolutely all of this work, again was done free and without receipts of any donation. Sadly that will be the final donation from me. I am appalled by the lack of respect from the present Executive. Recently, the association required some design work and without even asking the person donated everything for numerous years for a quote, they hired another company to do it. They were given the contact info and chose to not bother. Folks this is not how you do good business! I have donated well over 25 hours of professional design work throughout the last 4+ years – it has just ended.

Gratification will come from seeing my work on the girls jerseys for many years to come and knowing they appreciate and are proud of their jerseys.


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Want a Website You Can Edit Yourself?

Crystal Image Studio can design the perfect website for you with all the bells and whistles including a new feature just now available, “In-Browser Editing”. Giving you the control over fast changing content of text or photos.

Site owners can now make minor updates to their live site in a web browser, regardless of where it is hosted. And when you need to add more pages or change structure of your site the changes synchronizes with the base working file here at Crystal Image Studio so there is no back-tracking to find changes done thru the In Browser feature over any period of time.

You ask for it we get it!!

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#MyHaliburtonHighlands the New Brand Identity for Haliburton Highlands

There was a gathering of creative souls last evening at Fleming College in Haliburton. The Haliburton Highlands Arts Council sent notice to all members by email to invite every member to an Arts, Culture, Heritage and Tourism Information and brainstorming session with Amanda Ranson, Director of Tourism for Haliburton Highlands and the brain behind #MyHaliburtonHighlands and other marketing changes at the County level. The turnout was medium size but strong, as always in the Highlands.


The new brand has been out there a few months and new ads to promote the County Tourism are rolling out, as well as signage and branded clothing. Amanda is leading up many great changes in the way the County spends its marketing dollars.  I have been fortunate to work with Amanda, starting with Crystal Image Studio was chosen as the designer of the new brand early in the year. Since then, we have worked together on ads and other projects to promote that brand. I am really looking forward to buying my #Roots #MyHaliburtonHighlands hoodie in May when they arrive at the Tourism Centre.

One topic I felt became very clear is the lack of use of this new brand or the understanding of its use. Every business and organization in Haliburton County should be adding this Logo, more so the simple version to their literature.

#mhhLOGO-B&WsimpleIn addition using #MyHaliburtonHighlands in any online postings. It can be on your website, hidden in the Metatags so search engines find it, blog posts, Facebook, Twitter or simply where ever you are promoting your event, organization or business online.

A brand needs to become known – that happens when everyone participates. Coke, CN, Crest, Nike – they are not such amazing logos that made the products, services famous and familiar. Now of course they all have huge marketing budgets which helps but they became known because they become familiar. They were put in front of us inprint ads, on tv, billboards and more – everywhere you look it is a consistent message. The County Tourism could use all our help with this… We All Need to Do Our Part!  You do not need to know how to use a Hashtag or for that matter even what it is, but you do need to be part of making that brand known!

Tell your web-designer, graphic designer – give them Amanda’s name for contact to get print ready copies of the logo for placement on your printed materials – tell them you want your website found when someone searches #MyHaliburtonHighlands – they will know what to do with it! Add the hashtag to your Facebook, Twitter and any other social media you have or let your social media person take care of that too… Be part of the solution!



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The Story Behind Adobe Site of the Day for Crystal Image Studio

Early morning January 27th an email arrives from Adobe representative, Christine Ricks. ” “Hi there — I have some pretty exciting news your Muse website will be showcased in this week’s Adobe Muse Site of the Day page. …. Congratulations on being featured — we love your site.” The schedule said my website would be featured Tuesday, Jaunary 28th, and it was . . .
CIS muse-site of day jan 28-2014

I had just completed the new website and submitted it a few days before. That morning I had intended on simply hitting send on an already prepared and tested email-blast newsletter.  Christine’s email changed my plan. Being chosen by Adobe as Site of Day from the huge list of websites from around the world is a big deal, I was pretty excited (and still am) to be chosen by Adobe.

Here is some behind the scenes information, I generally might not share with the world. Truthfully this all came about now because I was served some lemons lately. Two publications that have kept me very busy through December to end of February every year for the last ten years did not come my way this year through no fault of my own. So, although disturbed by this, I concentrated on where my business is growing. We all know knowledge is power SO, more training on social media, email blasts and website design. I trained when I had little work and truly worked more hours training online and practicing the techniques than I probably would have spent working on those missing projects. Although my accountant may not be pleased I am convinced I played that card right.

So I am pretty sure I turned lemons into lemonade, upward and onward. This announcement from Adobe could not have come at a better time. Thank you to my Test Team (family and friends who I send things to and say “let me know” ), my husband who puts up with my crazy hours, for having such amazing online training, and Adobe for having the training, support and the best software in the world, the Adobe people Christine Ricks, Dani Beaumont and especially Terry White who is an amazing teacher that answers all queries very promptly. Without this team of family, friends, support staff and teachers I would not have been able to manage this change on my own . . . I truly thank you all sincerely.

The word is out… Crystal Image Studio is ready to design more amazing websites!


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